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15 BBC Goldfrapp, Supernature uk details
09 Fused Magazine, issue 24 Goldfrapp England, UK details
30 The Independent on Sunday,
The Sunday Review
Gold Fever England, UK details
29 Boyz, issue 742 Number One England, UK details
28 The Mirror The Frapp' Trap UK details
17 Pop Matters Supernature USA details
16 The Observer A siren sings England, UK details
07 Scene Point Block Supernature UK details
05 Contact music 'Stylists are bizarre' UK details
25 Q, issue 231 The lone ranger UK details
25 Party News, issue 118 In bed with Goldfrapp Switzerland details
24 TribuMove, issue 79 Glam pop & rock attitude France details
23 Trax, issue 87 Attache-moi... France details
23 Trax, issue 87 Pop synthétique, aérienne, décadente France details
23 Elegy, issue 37 Nature incongrue France details
20 Froggy's delight Supernature France details
20 Froggy's delight Interview avec Will France details
20 Pitchfork Supernature UK details
19 In the mix Goldfrapp: Seductive utopian chic Australia details
19 Uncle Sally's Supernature Germany details
19 Uncle Sally's Goldkehlchen im Disco-Fieber Germany details
07 u-magazine Der Traum vom Fliegen Germany details
07 The Milk Factory Supernature England, UK details
04 The Sunday Herald Glam Slam Scotland, UK details
01 Word magazine The sex pistol UK details
01 Q, issue 230 Sexy Beast UK details
01 Marie Claire, issue 637 Les plus glam Goldfrapp France details
01 Attitude magazine Goldfrapp, Supernature UK details
01 Rolling Stones France Capitaine Glam France details
01 Uncut magazine Labour of lustre UK details
01 The Telegraph Goldfrapp, Supernature UK details
25 Rip It Up, issue 844 Super Chic Australia details
24 MTV.FR Alison Goldfrapp pour Supernature France details
24 Les Inrockuptibles, issue 508 Science naturelle France details
22 Metro Supernature UK details
21 Krone Goldfrapps neue CD "Supernatural" Austria details
21 Kurier Mensch, Natur, Maschine Austria details
21 The Mail on Sunday Meet glam rock's first true queen UK details
21 The Mail on Sunday Supernature UK details
21 Time Europe The Siren's Call UK details
20 The Knowledge (The Times) Living the masquerade UK details
19 The Independent Supernature UK details
19 Metro On my i-pod UK details
17 Timeout Goldfrapp, Supernature UK details
15 The Observer Alisonís Wonderland UK details
14 The Mail on Sunday Album Goldfrapp UK details
13 NME Peter Robinson Versus Alison Goldfrapp UK details
13 The Scotsman Tales of the supernatural Scotland, UK details
12 The Guardian's Friday review Goldfrapp, Supernature UK details
12 The Times The Big Album UK details
11 The Daily Telegraph Blonde ambition UK details
09 Promoshow Goldfrapp ? kommen gewaltig Germany details
08 Top of the pops Glam, bam, thankyou Ma'am UK details
08 Comfortcomes Ooh la la UK details
06 Raveline Goldfrapp - Kunst und Kontinuität Germany details
03 Notion, issue 9 Goldfrapp UK details
03 DJ mag, issue 96 Glam Pop Pussy Galore UK details
02 Manchester Alison's all Gold UK details
01 Attitude magazine, issue 136 Glam Slam UK details
01 Gay Times, issue 323 Still Smoking UK details
01 Rolling Stones (Italy) Torna Alison. E la riscopriamo sexy come non mai... Italy details
01 Gay Times, issue 323 Supernature UK details
01 ic Wales Goldfrapp avoid the mainstream Wales, UK details
31 Rockerilla, issue 299/300 Supernature Italy details
28 Gigwise Goldfrapp Reveal Their Super Nature UK details
25 Music Week Supernature UK details
17 The Observer Supernature UK details
15 The Guardian's Friday Review Sweet little mystery UK details
11 D-Side Supernature France details
11 D-Side Goldfrapp France details
06 GoGo - Paris in English Ooh La La! France details
06 Virgin!, issue 51 Super nana France details
01 Openmag, issue 78 Electro glam France details
01 Arena Style Goldfrapp UK details
00 Labels Supernature France details
00 MusicWeek EMI presses play on Goldfrapp push UK details
22 Launch Yahoo The Utopia EP UK details
22 Launch Yahoo Black Cherry UK details
00 MOJO Magazine, issue 137 In the studio this month... UK details
04 Launch Yahoo Goldfrapp's euphoric crumpets UK details

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