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Date December 18
Type Interview
Title Accidents & Emergency
Country Germany
Journalist/Photographer ?/ Serge Leblon
Text The new Goldfrapp single A&E will be released on Febuary 3rd. The song is definately the highlight of the new album Seventh Tree and we’ve listened to it on repeat one for days now. It reminds me a lot of the greatness of Utopia, a brilliant song from their first album Felt Mountain, but it has a more naturalistic sound. The whole album is more of the likes of their melodic and atmpospheric debut Felt Mountain. Fans of their latest record Supernature may be a bit disappointed because there is not one danceable song on it. But for all of you who look for something dreamy and magical for a cosy winter night or a gloomy morning this is just the right music.

Our friends of life style magazine MÄNNER let us have a sneak peak of their upcoming interview with Alison and Will as well as a new batch of promotional photos. More after the jump.

Your new music seems to be going in a very different direction. Alle the disco sounds from the last album are gone. Why is that?

Alison: That was a very conscious decision. We had a lot of fun doing the Supernature Tour. But we came to a point where we felt a little constricted and were longing for some kind of airiness. Towards the end of the tour we started to try out new things. It felt so refreshing to be standing in a small room only using a voice and a couple of instruments. That was just the complete opposite to what we were doing before.

Will: We recorded an accoustic version of Fly Me Away for a radio show. It was a quite incisive experience that felt very satisfying and liberating. We almost started to feel jealous of the simplicity of other bands that only used a few guitars and drums. That kind of inspired us.

You seem to have reached everything there is in the genre of electro and disco pop and a lot of artists copied your style. Was this part of your decision to make a new sound?

Will: No, not really. I still love electronic disco music.

Alison: It was more important for us to create something that didn’t emphasize the beat over the voice. During the Supernature tour I often felt like I was fighting against the electronical noise behind me. For Seventh Tree I was looking for more warmth and humanity.

Did it take a lot of courage to make such a dramatic change in your musical style?

Will: Yes, cause if you create something new, you never know what comes out in the end. I was totally nervous before we first played the new material to someone from the record company. We tried to avoid that for as long as possible.

Alison: We were totally perplex when we first listened to the finished tracks. I remember thinking: “Fuck! What the hell did we do? How could that happen?” But we liked all of it a lot, so we went through with it.

Many musicians are looking for inspiration in big cities like London or Berlin. Your studio is in Somerset, in the English country side. Do you need this kind of remoteness to be creative?

Alison: It has some advantages to be so far away from the city. First of all we have big windows and a great vew, something you will hardly find in town. That’s very important to me, cause I hate the clinical atmosphere of studios with their small rooms without daylight. And also you can focus on your work without getting distracted so easily. In London I’d probably expand my lunch breaks to go shopping or meet friends to hang out in bars.

With the new album you also have a new look and artwork. Will you leace all the artificialty and staginess behind?

Alison: Definately not. I don’t believe in naturalness. Everything is artificial. Goldfrapp has always been about phantasies and a certain kind of drama. Our music is never one-dimensional or easy to approach. It rather takes you on a mystical journey.

Will: That’s why with our music a guitar never really sounds like a guitar, but like the imitation of it, like an exaggerated version. It’s not about creating an accurate image of life but about something that is larger than life.

Read the full interview in the February issue of MÄNNER that comes out in late January. Note that the interview has been translated back from German to English. The single A&E will be available for download on February 3rd and on CD in store on February 11th. The album Seventh Tree will be released on February 25th.

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